The App

Cook with me was designed and developed to encourage young children to cook healthy food with their parent/guardians. Starting with five fully designed recipe with version 1.0, we hope to keep updates coming with new recipes.

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With over 4265 lines of code and over 161 images, we have put in a lot of effort. For this reason, we hope you purchase this app for yourself, and to support our company!

For support about the app, head over to app support.

Cook With Me will be entered as our main product for Young Enterprise. Find out more about our company itself here.

We used Smaller for Mac in the development of our app in order to get a more responsive user interface. It has served us as a brilliant app, and we recommend anyone to use it in their websites/web applications.

Also, a big thank you goes out to Josh Balfour who's help was required in order to make this app possible.